Northern Lights - Photo by stein egil liland

Winter Magic in the North Beyond the Norwegian Northern Lights


Discover a journey that digs into the local culture, it’s history, and everyday life. Designed by locals to take you beyond the  Northern Lights and expand your horizon.

Why You’ll Love Going Beyond The Northern Lights 

So, you’re looking to come to Norway in the winter? That’s an excellent choice — winter magic doesn’t get better than Northern Norway and the majestic Northern Lights. On this adventure, you’ll go beyond the Northern Lights, gaze for lights during the evenings, go whale watching, and grab the local ferry to Senja.

Then, you’ll kayak around Lofoten’s local history after taking a breathtaking cruise to Lofoten. Finally, you’ll finish the journey by marveling at the stunning sights of Lofoten as you meet with locals and relax. Visiting Norway in the winter is a must-do for any traveler, and we’ve crafted the perfect winter itinerary for you!

The Ultimate Highlights Of Your Winter Adventure 

This journey connects two of the most beautiful places in Norway into moments you create by entering into this active adventure. Here is what you can expect:


  • Explore Tromsø, Paris of the North
  • Silent whale watching 
  • Scenic Senja on snowshoes
  • Roam and immerse in Senja and Lofoten
  • Sea Kayak in the crisp winter air and stunning views
  • Å – the fishing village at the end of Lofoten

Best time to travel: December – February and beyond with adjustments
Duration: 10 days/ 11 nights
Destinations: Tromsø, Senja and Lofoten
Primary Mode of Transportation: Public transport and rental car in Lofoten
Included: Accommodation, ferry, activities and some meals

What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Accommodation w/breakfast, three dinners, one lunch, silent whale watching, ferry tickets, private transfers to and from the ferry terminal in Senja, 3-hour northern lights snowshoeing w/hot drinks and snacks, guided kayak tour, cheese plate at Lofoten Gårdsysteri, museum entrances

These are the places you will visit

Click on the place markers to learn more about the places you will be visiting

  1. Day 1 ARRIVE in Tromsø

    Step out of the flight and feel the cold crispy air before you make your way to Tromsø. The largest city in Northern Norway, known as Paris of the North. Tromsø is very vibrant, lovely scenery and a rich history worth discovering! 

    Check in to your hotel, drop your bags and start exploring the city and what it has to offer. Make sure you try one of the many local restaurants and get into the local atmosphere.

  2. Day 2 SILENT whale watching

    Embark the electric boat and cruise silently out to the sea, to the home of the humpback and killer whales. This cold water is perfect for the whales this time of year. Hunting the herring-rich fjords. While you scope for the wildlife in the sea, keep an eye out for what you might spot over the sea as well. Lean back and admire the frozen landscape on the horizon.

    Northern Light Whale Watching Photo by Andre Estevez

  3. Day 3 LOCAL FERRY TRAVEL to Senja

    After breakfast, wander the early morning hours in Tromsø and watch the city come to life. Grab a takeaway coffee, find a bench in the sun and just be. 

    Pack your bags and make your way to the pier for the local passenger boat, heading for Senja Island. The local ferry gives another opportunity to enjoy life at sea and take part in the local life.

    On arrival in Finnsnes and Senja, your transfer will take you to your accommodation for the next few nights. Check in to your cabin, shoulders down while you back out preparing for a slow evening. 

    Keep your eyes on the sky, and you might be lucky to spot the Northern Lights

  4. Day 4 HIKE with snowshoes

    It is time to strap your snowshoes! A perfect way of visiting some of the most spectacular locations and viewpoints. Powered by you and the unique way of walking in the snow. A method that has been used through generations. 

    Enjoy half a day with your local expert who will tell interesting stories and share his/her knowledge with you. 

    Top Tip | Do this trip in the evening, and you might get spectacular views of the Northern Lights.

  5. Day 5 ROAM on your own

    Take your time while traveling. You are exploring some of the most beautiful places in Norway; make sure you take your time and be in the moment. If you feel adventurous, there are many options to do during the day!


  6. Day 6 CRUISE with Hurtigruten to Lofoten

    Early rise and shine. Embark the world’s most beautiful voyage in time for breakfast. The whole day will be spent on board as you cruise through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway. This includes the narrow Raftssundet and mystical Trollfjord. 

    In the early evening, you will approach Svolvær and Lofoten. For dinner, we recommend the not-traveled fish on the menu.

    Lofoten Island Hurtigruten

  7. Day 7 KAYAK in ice-cold waters

    Kayak in the ice-cold water through smaller islands, bays, and beaches with opportunities to see much wildlife. Keep an eye out for the largest of the birds in Europe, the white-tailed sea eagle, as well as seals and otters. Listen to the silence of nature and seawater as you slowly paddle your way. 

    The evening is yours to search for the Northern Lights while indulging in local fresh food.

  8. Day 8 Scenic DRIVE & TASTE local cheese

    Get on the road and start exploring your way southwards of Lofoten. As part of the National Scenic Routes, this is one of the most beautiful journeys in Norway. One detour after the other awaits you with spectacular views and moments. Our local expert will give you insights before embarking on your journey to Norway! 

    Visit a local goat farm and the dutch hosts that have been living in Norway and Lofoten for almost 20 years. Here they have made their living. Learn more about their life and the cheese they produce. An inspiring stop before visiting Unstad Beach, world-famous among surfers.

    Reach Å. The end of Lofoten, as Å is the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet…

    Top Tip | Take your time. There is always a secluded beach to stop at. A scenic view to take photos of, or a gallery to visit.

    Northern Norway Photo by stein-egil-liland

  9. Day 9 ROAM in Å - the end of Lofoten

    A day to discover. Travel slow. Immerse the local atmosphere and the beauty of Å. The old fishing village with its picturesque houses fits perfectly with the steep mountains in the background. Here fishing is the traditional way of living. The Lofoten Stockfish Museum will explain the story up till today, together with The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum. Make sure you roam around the museum to understand the coastal life. After the tour, do not miss out on their irresistible cinnamon bun.

    Enjoy your cinnamon buns in the evening while looking out for the Northern Lights…

    Norway Road Trip

  10. Day 10 DISCOVER your inner Viking & DRIVE to Svolvær

    Pack your bag and hit the road. On the way back to Svolvær, stop at Lofotr Viking Museum. It is said that the first Vikings in Iceland came from Lofoten…

    Continue on the road to Svolvær. Last evening to get a great view of the Northern Lights.

    Northern Light Photo by stein egil liland

  11. Day 11 FAREWELL to the Arctic

    Your journey beyond the Northern Lights ends here. Pack your bags and prepare for your journey back home. Or, maybe you want to continue your trip around Norway?