Cycle Værlandet Island bike

WHY you should Cycle Værlandet Island

Cycling is not just a way to stay fit. Traveling on two wheels can be the perfect way to discover a new place, and there’s nothing to interrupt your view. There are no loud noises over the sounds of the nature surrounding you, and you are free to go as fast or as slow as you please. 

CYCLE the open road

Værlandet is the perfect destination to explore by bike. Almost as far west as you can in Norway. This group of islands are connected by scenic roads and bridges, named the North Sea gate. With a local population of only 200 people, you practically have the road to yourself. Look around, and you will see almost nothing but the open ocean surrounding you. 

“Don’t look back”. That’s the slogan which meets you when you step off the ferry. With several kilometers ahead, you won’t have to. From here you can literally go to the end of the road. 

There’s no point waiting, because there is so much to see! Pick up your rental bike from the harbor shop, and get on your way. Take in the views of the open road and ocean. The winding road will keep surprising you. Around every corner is a new vista, each more breathtaking than the last. Don’t be surprised if you end up stopping more than cycling. 


IMMERSE in nature and art

Complimenting the natural beauty are art installations dotted along the route. Visit the “Coastal Women” scouting out to see at Hillersøy. They tell of the hardships and bravery people of the islands have faced. Though things are easier now, nature is still a part of life out here. 

On dark and gloomy winter days pops of color can help lift the mood. You can’t miss the painted bus sheds, yarn-covered street signs, and colorful benches along the road. 


INTERACT with the locals

The islands’ human population is small, but many other creatures make their home here too. Wild sheep can be found almost anywhere there is some grass to graze on. Their thick wool coats show the Norwegian saying of “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” perfectly. 

When biking with the wind in your back, you might feel like you are flying, but someone else here has mastered that art. Look to the sky for a glimpse of the mighty white-tailed eagle. Norway’s biggest bird is not an uncommon sight around here, and the open air and ocean full of fish make Værlandet an ideal eagle hunting ground. 


What are you waiting for?

Feel the freedom when you cycle. Leave stress and city life behind. Here you are free to go wherever you want. Like pearls on a string, Værlandet and Bulandet are waiting for you to explore

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