Discover Heritage in Helgeland Setran Farm

Vega Islands Life and Discover Heritage in Helgeland


Explore the gems along Helgeland’s scenic coastal route. Immerse yourself in the region’s heritage. Enjoy the unique natural landscapes. Discover Heritage in Helgeland

Scenic Road Trip through Helgeland  

Get back to basics on this unique road trip. Crafted by locals, this tour will show you the natural beauty of the Helgeland region. 

Discover Helgeland’s unique heritage. Start on the islands of Vega, which are on the UNESCO heritage list. Meet the people keeping the traditions alive, from the eider duck guardians to the family farm — history is alive here. Take your time to slow down and move in time with nature. 

From the Vega islands to the Vefsna river, your trip to Helgeland will be as varied as the region. Drive one of Norway’s most scenic coastal roads, and head inland to discover the natural beauty of the lakes and mountains here. Go hiking, fishing, sightseeing, or simply relax by the campfire. 

Connect with nature and heritage on a scenic drive

This journey through Helgeland lets you explore the blend of heritage and nature. Relax, learn, discover heritage in Helgeland and have fun on this road trip curated by local experts. 


  • Explore the UNESCO world heritage Vega archipelago
  • Get in touch with nature at an idyllic farm
  • See fish up close while river snorkelling
  • Meet the locals, who love to show you their home

Best time to travel: June-August
Duration: 10 days/ 9 nights
Destinations: Vega islands – Setran Farm, Salsbruket – Grane.
Primary Mode of Transportation: Car
Included: Accommodation in hotel, cabin and guest house, breakfast in Vega and Grane, guided kayaking in Vega, a tour of Lånan island*, farm activities at Setran, guided walk or boat tour at Setran, river snorkelling** in Vefsna river.


*For the protection of the eider ducks, there is limited availability on visits in June and a higher cost. Alternatively you can join another guided adventure like sailing or eagle safari.

**River snorkelling is only available in July and August and when the water levels are low enough. When snorkelling is unavailable, we recommend river rafting.

What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Accommodation w/breakfast – Vega Havhotell only – guided kayak tour, Lånan Island tour w/boat transfers, guide, hot drinks and snacks, live the farm life in
Setran Gård, guided hike to Galtneset, half-day rafting

These are the places you will visit

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  1. Day 1 Helgeland and Vega Islands welcomes you

    Take in the view of the spectacular Seven Sisters mountain range. Finally, you have arrived in Sandessjøen! Start with a scenic drive along a National Tourist Route to the Vega archipelago. Then, enjoy a relaxing ferry ride out to the islands. Discover Vega’s traditions for sustainable fishing and farming, earning it the UNESCO world heritage listing. The World Heritage Centre and café is the perfect place to start. With its 6500 islands, the archipelago is waiting to be explored!

  2. Day 2 Ocean Kayak Adventure

    Take to the seas today! Join a guided kayak adventure to explore the hidden gems of the Vega islands. Paddle to the places where no car can reach. From your guide, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the surrounding nature and history. Enjoy your lunch on a white, sandy beach on a deserted island. When you return to shore, the rest of the day is yours to spend as you like. Discover Heritage in Helgeland

  3. Day 3 Discover the world of the Eider Ducks

    Explore more of Vega’s world heritage today. Take to the seas and head to the island of Lånan. Learn about the eider ducks and their guardians. Gain a deeper understanding of the birds that have been laying their eggs here for centuries. Discover how the locals keep the tradition of protecting the birds. The down feathers left behind are used for high-quality duvets and pillows.

    Discover Heritage in Helgeland

  4. Day 4 Scenic coastal drive

    Continue the scenic drive on the coastal route. This road has been named one of the most beautiful in the world. Don’t miss the view of the Torghatten mountain! Enjoy a matpakke (packed lunch) at one of the rest stops along the way. When the road narrows, you will be near your destination, Setran Farm. You are snuggled between the fjord, hills, and waterfalls near Salsbruket village. Enjoy the calm and quiet surroundings.

    Discover Heritage in Helgeland

  5. Day 5 Live the farm life

    Spend relaxing days at Setran Farm. Feel yourself moving in time with nature. Gaze at green fields and forests, the blue ocean and sky. Join your hosts on some of their daily tasks on the farm. Pigs, horses, chickens, and many other happy animals are waiting to meet you! Then, explore the area by hiking on one of the numerous trails available, all at your own pace!

    Discover Heritage in Helgeland

  6. Day 6 Adventure and campfire

    Discover more about the local area on a guided adventure. Let your hosts show you the sights. Take a walk to the extensive collection of Giant’s Kettles at Galtneset. Or you can explore the seter bay by boat and learn how to fish. Every adventure ends by the campfire. Enjoy a coffee and snacks in the firelight. Enjoy your last evening at Setran.

  7. Day 7 From ocean to river

    Wave goodbye to the farm as you get back on the road. New landscapes await with an inland drive today. Don’t miss the spectacular waterfall, Skrøyvstadfossen! 

    On arrival, you might smell freshly baked bread. Your destination is the old house by the river Vefsna known as Bakarstuo (The Baker’s Hut). Your hosts, Margrethe and Terje, have worked to restore this 19th-century house in the most sustainable way. 

    Both the river and forest are right outside your door, waiting for you.

  8. Day 8 Explore history and nature

    Take today to fill with your own adventure. Nature awaits in two nearby national parks. Your hosts are more than happy to point out the best trails for hiking. 

    For city life, take a trip to Mosjøen. This town is full of history! Discover the oldest preserved wooden houses in northern Norway in Sjøgata (The Sea Street). Feel the atmosphere of the street with its unique little shops and cafés.

  9. Day 9 Discover the river

    Have the river adventure of a lifetime today! Discover the river up close through river snorkelling. An experienced guide will show you the ropes. Let yourself flow with the mild current of the river. Simply watch life pass you by in the water. Who knows what you will see?

    The rest of the day is yours to spend as you like. Enjoy your last night in the Baker’s Hut by Vefsna.

    Discover Heritage in Helgeland

  10. Day 10 A fond farewell to Helgeland

    The end of your Helgeland adventure has arrived. Go for a last stroll along the river before hitting the road. Take in the views on your last drive back to Sandnessjøen. Then, return home with memories of a lifetime. Or maybe you want to stay a few more days?