Lofoten Beat the Crowd

5 ways to Beat the Crowd in Lofoten

We believe in exploring Lofoten in the most sustainable and comprehensive manner. With that said, the region is incredibly popular, attracting tens of thousands of visitors yearly. 

If you’re going to experience the region’s true beauty, you need to beat the crowd!

But that’s not a problem because we have a few tips for travellers who are mindful of sustainability and are looking to skip the crowds, take their time, and enjoy Lofoten’s true beauty!

  • Travel outside of the primary season 

During the summer months, Lofoten attracts countless tourists, and it can be challenging to get away from the large crowds. Why is it so busy? Because of the incredibly long summer days and the midnight sun. 

So, we believe tourists should avoid visiting during these periods. A better time to visit is during the spring or autumn months. Crowds will be considerably less, and you can still marvel at Lofoten’s extreme beauty! You could even see the Northern Lights outside of the peak season. 

Nevertheless, you can absolutely support the local economy if you travel outside of peak season, and let’s face it – after the last 12 months, that’s an essential thing. 

  • Go Sailing 

It’s hard to find a better way of exploring the beauty of Lofoten than via a sailing boat. Not only will you escape the vast tourist crowds, but you also get the opportunity to go whale watching, participate in watersports, and you’ll see spots that very few tourists get to witness. 

There are various sailing options, including the journey between Lofoten and Tromsø. You’ll see some of the world’s oldest mountains and most impressive scenery on this route, and better still – you’ll escape the vast crowds of tourists when Sailing Lofoten!

And perhaps most importantly – sailing also supports environmental sustainability because of zero noise pollution or fuel. 

5 ways to Beat the Crowd in Lofoten sunset

  • Cycling around Lofoten 

Thankfully, Lofoten is not massive, so it’s possible to explore the region via cycling. The main benefit of cycling lofoten is promoting Green travel and taking your time. 

You don’t have to rush when you cycle around Lofoten because you can truly appreciate the surroundings and you’ll experience Lofoten off beat areas. These areas include hidden beaches, tiny fishing villages, and quaint shops that many tourists just drive past. 

  • Stay one more day 

Although Lofoten isn’t a huge area, and you can experience much of the site in a couple of days – you can always spend an extra day to make sure you travel green. Also, you’re able to avoid times when people are moving around, such as early mornings and evenings. 

If you spend an extra day, you’ll be able to visit explore off-beat places that visitors often ignore. This is the most exceptional way to experience local culture and truly communicate with the locals. Many tourists are rushing around due to small itineraries, and not only is that bad for sustainability, but you also don’t experience the region in the best manner.  

We also recommend that you enjoy the array of small cafes, talk to the locals, and enjoy the area’s galleries if you spend the extra day or two. 

  • Plan with local experts

If you want to know all of Lofoten’s secrets, you can get the advice of a Local expert like us. We know places and areas that very few tourists explore, and we know all the most excellent sailing tours, excursions, and hiking trails. 

Furthemore, local experts can arrange a full itinerary enabling you to beat the crowds, explore hidden areas, and optimize your trip to the fullest. 

5 ways to Beat the Crowd in Lofoten sunset

Final Thoughts 

Overtourism was becoming a big issue before the pandemic – and still will be – but if you’re visiting Lofoten, we recommend that you take your time. You should travel in the most sustainable manner, and look to visit outside of the peak season!

If you do this, we’re sure you’ll have an incredible time!


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