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We are extremely proud of Norway.

It’s our home country and full of hidden stories and interesting perspectives that showcase Norway’s history and heritage.  When people think of Norway, they automatically think of the Northern Lights, the Vikings, and its rugged landscapes. For sure, these aspects of Norway are phenomenal and a key ingredient for Norway’s popularity. 


But there’s so much more to Norway than the above. Why not paddle around the Fjords? Explore the white towns of Southern Norway? Or set sail around LofotenWe are proud of the quaint fishing villages, quiet locals towns, and hidden gems that very few tourists visit. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that Norway is home to undiscovered places. 


It’s our passion to take people through these hidden gems on slow travel experiences. Our love of Norway also inspired us to promote ethical travel because we’ve seen the damage of over-tourism. Travelers always enjoy Norway more when they explore its hidden gems slowly, and we created the adventures to match this. 

Feel free to browse some of the local insights Norway stories below and see how you can enjoy these special parts of Norway.

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