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On the South East coast you find a beautiful archipelago area known in Norwegian as Sørlandet, which means the country of the south. It is only three hours drive or train from Oslo, and you can immediately feel the slower sense of time as you enter the region.

The coast here is very different from West Norway and the fjords. The rounded skerries invite locals and visitors for lazy summer days by the sea.

Arendal town used to be one of the largest shipping towns in Europe, a couple of hundred years back. Today, it is focusing on becoming one of the most environmentally-friendly towns in the world. Plus, of course, given the name, Arendelle, the famous village in Disney's movie Frozen!


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Best Season:May - September
Popular Location: Arendal, Grimstad, Lyngør

The Southern Riviera - Sørlandet

Slow Summer Travel in the South of Norway