Blossoming in Hardanger © Sverre Hjørnevik

Fruit Blossoming in Hardanger

There are many excellent reasons for visiting Hardanger, including tremendous scenic roads, hiking trails, and waterfalls. But if you’re travelling in spring – you will adore the astonishing fruit Blossoming in Hardanger. The months of May and June offer the ultimate fruit blooming beauty!

Furthermore, the eclectic mixture of fruit growing in the region leads to some of Europe’s most delicious cider. In fact, tens of thousands of people – many international travellers – will visit Hardanger during spring to drink the majestic local cider. Hardanger is home to tens of thousands of Apple trees, so there’s no shortage of delightful cider on hand!

However, Hardanger’s incredible cider isn’t just European renowned – but it’s also world-renowned, and the CiderWorld awards gave Norway six silver and two gold medals in the 2019 awards! How does that sound for world-class cider production?

So why is Hardanger so excellent for cider production?

Hardanger is so fabulous for cider production because of the perfect microclimate. There are many reflections in the Fjord area, increasing the amount of sunset, which produces better apple growth. Moreover, the warmth of the Gulf Stream contributes heavily to apple growth during the summer months!

Do you love champagne? Most people do, and France’s champagne region is a geographically protected denomination for its world-famous champagne. And guess what? So is the Hardanger region for its incredible cider production!

Where do you find the best cider in the area?

If you’re looking to taste the area’s finest cider – and we’re sure you are – you’ll need to head south to Hardangerfjord. Not only is it a stunning part of Norway, but it’s home to the ultimate cider production!

The history of Hardanger’s cider production 

The area’s cider production dates back to the 13th century, when the Cistercian monks planted the region’s first apple trees. Production grew as the centuries passed, but the most significant production period was between 1890 and 1921. Nonetheless, the area implemented stricter alcohol sale laws, leading to a shut down of many cider factories. Yet, the cider industry continued and is rampant today!

One of the most famous farms is Aga Farm, dating back to the Viking times. This spot is where the Vikings used to create their brew called Bjor – a sweet drink including honey and apples. You can find the farm just 50 meters from Agatuney. Nevertheless, when archaeologists excavated the Oseberg Viking Ship, they found 54 apples on board! So if you’re looking to witness the History of Cider Apples along Hardangerfjord, you will have to visit the Aga Farm. 

Take the scenic road trip through the cider route 

If you choose to visit the Hardangerfjord (and you should), you will have to check out the notoriously fun Fruit and Cider Route. Visitors find a massive range of farms, local food, and spellbinding cider tasting opportunities on this route. 

Many visitors opt to explore the Utne Hotel for daily cider tasting afterwards. And better still, the hotel is 300 years old, offering guests an incredible insight into the area’s rich history. Plus, the hotel offers some of the best local drinks and food to enjoy after a hard day of exploring the Hardangerfjord – Queen of the fjords. 

Hardangerfjord Cider, Cycling & Cruising © Sverre Hjørnevik
Hardangerfjord Cider, Cycling and Cruising © Sverre Hjørnevik

Take a cruise through the cider and fruit blossoming in Hardanger. 

Furthermore, there is also an epic cruise through the cider region, taking you to all the best cider farms. You’ll also get to taste some of the area’s finest cider! It is possible to customise the tour, and you’ll get to select the best activities for your interests. Besides, you can opt to visit quaint villages and mountains on the cruise. 

Final thoughts

If you’re visiting the Hardanger region, you absolutely must take your time and enjoy some of the delicious local cider. A pillar of the local history and culture. It remains a massive part of the local economy. And why not coming in spring and experience the fruit blossoming in Hardanger.

It is world-class, incredibly fresh, and a taste that leaves every traveller with a memory they will never forget! Oh, and the area is one of the world’s most scenic area’stherefore, it is a win-win!