Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Per Ritzler, Statens vegvesen

Hardangerfjord, Scenic Routes & Waterfalls

Norway is possibly the world’s most beautiful country, and the Hardangerfjord Scenic routes offer the ultimate scenic Road trips, cycling routes, and hiking trails. When you drive through Hardanger, you’ll find some of the world’s most fabulous Waterfalls, scenic roads, and remarkable landscapes. 

Tourists adore the endless fruit trees and luscious greenery – a trademark of this beautiful country. Furthermore, the scenic route has an incredible history, often dating back to the 14th century. Hardangerfjord’s primary industries are quarrying and boat building, both integral aspects of the local economy. Plus, artists come here to create stunning pieces of artwork to sell worldwide. 

You should take your time when you visit here. To appreciate the wonder of the area, you should relax, go slowly, and observe the majestic nature. Hardanger attracts millions of tourists because of its excellence, but over-tourism is a prevalent problem worldwide. Norway encourages all visitors to focus on sustainability, and we promote that too. 

Sustainability is the key to the protection of the earth and the travel industries growth!

Here are some of the best things to do in the area:

Drive through scenic road trips 

If you’re looking to step back into Hardanger’s authentic history, you’ll be glad to hear that many of the old scenic roads remain open and accessible. Of course, there are modern alternatives – but if you’re looking for an authentic natural journey, this area has not lost its idyllic charm. 

There are 18 scenic routes in Norway, so the country spoils visitors for choice! The most popular route is the National Touristic Route, which takes tourists straight through some of Norway’s best scenery, including the best sights of Hardangerfjord! You should take a drive through the Hardangerfjord Fruit and Cider Route (Frukt- og Siderruta) because you’ll pass through the region’s farms, food, and cider tasting. 

Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Sigmund Krøvel-Velle
Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Sigmund Krøvel-Velle

Go hiking on world-class hiking trails.

Norway is one of the world’s leading hiking destinations, and Hardanger doesn’t disappoint. It’s home to some of Norway’s most breathtaking hiking destinations. The most challenging – yet arguably most rewarding – is the walk to Trolltunga. The views from above the Lake Ringedalsvatnet are a joy to behold, but over 100,000 hikers make the journey yearly – so make sure you focus on sustainability and taking your time.

Moreover, if you walk to Buarbreen, you’ll witness some of western Norway’s most incredible valleys. Another superb option is the Queen’s trial because it’s beautiful and one of the Queen’s most favourite hiking trails. Besides, we couldn’t forget to mention the hikes to Haugsvarden, where you’ll find utterly dream-worthy views of the Hardangerfjord. 

Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Bjørn Andresen _ Statens vegvesen
Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Bjørn Andresen

Go cycling through the region. 

Cyclists from every corner of the globe visit Norway and many cyclists head to the Hardangerfjord Scenic Route. If you’re looking for a quiet ride, check out the Country Road 250, otherwise known as the old route from Jondal to Utne. You will cycle past breathtaking views of the Hardangerfjord and the continuous lush orchards encompassing the way. 

Furthermore, Country Road 7 offers tremendous Hardangerfjord views, although there are a lot more cars. The busiest route is National Road 13, which spans from Kinsarvik to Låtefossen. Yet, it offers excellent views, and although there are many tunnels – you can avoid them by cycling on the outside. 

Explore the local waterfalls

If you love waterfalls – and many people do – you’ll adore the waterfalls in Hardanger. You’ll find world-class waterfall scenery, including some of the world’s biggest waterfalls. Famous waterfalls include Furebergfossen, Låtefoss, and Vøringsfossen, and we couldn’t forget to mention the beautiful Steinsdalsfossen and Skjervefossen waterfalls. 

All of Hardanger’s stunning waterfalls offer something unique, but they all have one thing in common – exquisite world-class views that will stay in your memory for a very long time. A popular choice is Låtefoss because of its twin falls, creating a truly unique scene. 

Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Roger Ellingsen
Hardangerfjord Scenic Routes & Waterfalls © Roger Ellingsen

Final Thoughts

Visiting Norway is something many people around the world dream of, and the Hardangerfjord region is a Norweigan scenic stereotype. Over six million people visited Norway in 2019, and it’s no wonder that Norwegians take holidays within the country. With that said, when you come here, be sure to take your time and delve into the area’s nature to promote sustainability.  

You can hike, cycle, or even drive around the area’s scenic routes – but one thing is for sure, the Hardangerfjord region will not disappoint, and a journey in the region remain some of Norway’s best attractions