So you’re looking to explore Norway’s beauty? 

When visiting Norway, you should take your time, breathe, and explore the endless nature. It’s essential to preserve local nature and protect from over-tourism. 


The country is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, awe-inspiring mountains, and hidden gems. So why would you want to rush?  The most excellent way to explore Norway is through a curated itinerary. We understand that you want an authentic experience. 


So you’ll be delighted to hear we’ve worked in this industry for many years. As a result, we have expert knowledge of Norway (our home nation.)


On our slow adventures, you’ll experience: 

  • Norway’s hidden gems and places where very few tourists visit
  • Slow adventures with an emphasis on sustainability and preserving location nature 
  • Expert curated itineraries from people with years of Norweigan experience 
  • Tailored itineraries to meet your needs and desires
  • The most authentic experience of Norweigan history, culture, and heritage 
  • The opportunity to avoid all the tourists and enjoy Norway peacefully 

After decades of creating sustainable itineraries, our love for Norway inspired us to create the following ethical adventures. 


You can marvel at the ancient Lofoten beauty, the tranquil Southern Coast, and the heritage of Hardangervidda & Hardangerfjord. And if you’re looking for a crafted journey, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to help you!


Feel free to check out the ethical travel itineraries below – you’ll find the ultimate slow Norway adventures!

A Journey into the Wild Beauty of Majestic Nordfjord

A Journey into the Wild Beauty of Majestic Nordfjord

Embark on a thrilling journey to explore the stunning Nordfjord. Prepare to be captivated by its wild beauty, dramatic landscapes, and unforgettable adventures. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Explore the essence of South West

Explore the essence of South West

Designed by locals for you to experience essence of modern and old Stavanger, majestic Lysefjord, Byrkjedal, and let time pass with slow travel in Sogndalstrand.

Northern Light Photo by stein egil liland

Winter Magic in the North Beyond the Norwegian Northern Lights

Discover a journey that digs into the local culture, it’s history, and everyday life. Designed by locals to take you beyond the  Northern Lights and expand your horizon.

The Ultimate Northern Norweigan Winter Adventure

The Ultimate Northern Norweigan Winter Adventure

Explore the Arctic during winter. Discover Finnmark’s diverse cultures and landscapes. Join local guides on unique winter adventures.   

Soft Summer Adventures

Soft Summer Adventures in Vesterålen and Senja

Soft summer adventures in Vesterålen and Senja. Designed by locals to immerse you through hiking, kayaking, cycling, whale watching & sea sights while travelling slowly.

Mountains and the Fjords

Explore the Mountains and the fjords in North-West Norway

Experience unique and varied landscapes of Norway’s northwest. Hidden gems in mountains and the fjords are waiting for you! Start and end in the green capital, Oslo. 

Discover Heritage in Helgeland

Vega Islands Life and Discover Heritage in Helgeland

Explore the gems along Helgeland’s scenic coastal route. Immerse yourself in the region’s heritage. Enjoy the unique natural landscapes. Discover Heritage in Helgeland

Discover Norwegian Landscapes

Discover Norwegian landscapes from mountain to fjord

Discover mountains and fjords through unique experiences. Be immersed in history and food traditions, and enjoy authentic moments that locals craft.

Photo: Robin Strand hidden gems of Norwegian nature

Adventure in the hidden gems of Norwegian nature

Experience Norway’s western coast on a tour crafted by the locals. Discover unique locations and landscapes off the beaten path, and step away from the hectic life and tiring tours. Join a new journey and explore the hidden gems of Norwegian nature.

Setting Sailing in Lofoten Trollfjord

Sail through Lofoten Landscape & Hitting the Off Beat Road

Get adventures in Lofoten. Sail through the stunning landscape while listening to the sound of the sea and wind in the sail. Then, jump onshore for a soft adventure and a road trip! Followed by a scenic drive!