View over Loen

A Journey into the Wild Beauty of Majestic Nordfjord


Embark on a thrilling journey to explore the stunning Nordfjord. Prepare to be captivated by its wild beauty, dramatic landscapes, and unforgettable adventures. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Welcome to the ultimate Norwegian adventure, where every twist and turn of the road leads to new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.The journey begins amidst the vibrant streets of Oslo, where modernity meets centuries of history. A scenic road trip will take you towards the enchanting Nordfjord region. Here, Viking history comes alive, surrounded by the beauty of this fjord that offers thrilling water activities and mountain adventures.

But it’s the locals who truly steal the show with their passion for the region. From cozy cafes to family-run businesses, they’re the heart and soul of Nordfjord, ready to share their stories and welcome you with open arms.


  • Enjoy Oslo, the dynamic capital of the country
  • Take a scenic road trip through the heart of Norway’s stunning landscapes via the old roadway Strynefjellet
  • Explore Nordfjord, the Fjord of the Vikings
  • Visit Ålesund, the Art Nouveau town of Norway

Best time to travel: May – October and beyond with adjustments
Duration: 9 nights/ 10 days
Destinations: Oslo, Stryn, Sandane and Ålesund
Primary Mode of Transportation: Road trip, rental car
Included: Accommodation, activities and some meals

What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
– 2 Nights in Oslo / Accommodation with Breakfast
– 3-hour Hidden Gems Walk
– Oslo Dinner Cruise

– 2 Nights in Stryn / Accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner
– 2-hour Guided Short Hike with Lunch Pack
– 2-hour Guided Kayak Tour

– 3 Nights in Sandane / Accommodation with Breakfast
– Loen Skylift Round Trip
– Activity of your choice
– 2-hour Guided Easy Hike
– Nordfjord Folk Museum Entrance
– Sagastad Viking Center Entrance
– Panoramic Fjord Horse Riding Trip in Nordfjordeid

– 2 Nights in Ålesund / Accommodation with Breakfast
– Hike to Storhornet on Godøya / Transfers and Lunch Included

These are the places you will visit

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  1. Day 1 Welcome to Oslo

    Once you’ve arrived in the capital, take some time to settle in while you prepare for the exciting experiences ahead.

  2. Day 2 Explore downtown and sail the Oslofjord for dinner

    Our local guide will take you for a walk through the hidden gems of the city. Enjoy a dinner cruise experience while sailing the Fjord in front of Oslo.

  3. Day 3 Drive to Nordfjord via the old Strynefjellet National Tourist Road

    It is time to say goodbye to Oslo and hit the road north towards Nordfjord and the village of Stryn. The old Strynefjellet Road is a living museum and offers a journey through history. Every inch of this road tells a story, showcasing the remarkable feats of engineering achieved in the past. Recognized for its cultural significance, this scenic pathway connecting Eastern and Western Norway was designated as a protected route in 2009, ensuring its preservation for generations to come.

    In Stryn, it is time to unpack your luggage and relax in a cozy villa,  an oasis in the middle of the town, run by passionate locals.

  4. Day 4 Follow your hosts for an exploration of Stryn’s mountains and waters

    After an energetic breakfast, take your backpack and enjoy a guided hike in the mountains surrounding the town. Hear some stories and take a lunch break while admiring the fjord from above. In the afternoon, go for a guided kayak tour in the calm waters of Nordfjord, and look forward to dinner after an outdoorsy day.

  5. Day 5 Experience Loen Skylift and enjoy the breathtaking view from Mt Hoven

    One of the steepest cable cars in the world will lift you from the Fjord to the top of Mt Hoven at 1011 m. The viewpoint gives a panoramic sight of Mt. Skåla and Lake Lovatnet in the east, Jostedalsbreen Glacier and Olden in the south, and the Nordfjord that winds its way towards Stryn in the west. The Via Ferrata is an option to consider if you have some climbing experience. Your trip continues to Sandane where the historical Gloppen Hotell is waiting for you. A 3-course dinner in the old and atmospheric Pellestova dining room is recommended.

  6. Day 6 Visit Nordfjord Folk Museum in Sandane and take a hike to Haugsvarden

    Step into the past at the Nordfjord Folk Museum, where you can learn all about the region’s history. This special museum is like taking a stroll through time with its collection of 44 historical buildings, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Inside, you’ll find furnished homes, barns, and granaries that paint a picture of life in Nordfjord during those times. 

    Take a hike to Haugsvarden. There are great views on this walk.It is 862 meters above sea level. The trail is well-marked, and the walk is suitable for the whole family.

  7. Day 7 Explore the Viking History of Nordfjordeid and the Norwegian Fjord horse.

    A 15-minute ferry will take you to Nordfjordeid, on the other side of the Fjord. The old town streets offer a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and unique gift shops offering exclusive products you can find in this town only.

    Discover the Viking grave mound. This is where the remains of the Viking longest ship were discovered in 1874. The Sagastad Center is a few steps away from here. An accurate reconstruction of the ship made by local wood craftsmen lies here, together with an exhibition and interactive area that explain the proud Viking history in this area.

    During your visit to the Norwegian Fjord Horse Center, the fjord horses will be thoroughly presented to you. You will get a tour of the center and a historic presentation of the breed. You can join a horse riding trip with experienced guides that will be ready to help if you need any assistance. 

  8. Day 8 Kiss Nordfjord goodbye and drive up to beautiful Ålesund

    It is time to check out from Gloppen Hotell in Sandane and drive up to Ålesund, the Art Nouveau capital of Norway. The historical Brosundet Hotel will be the place to relax after the long drive. A short trip to Aksla Mountain in the middle of the town is a must. Walk the 418 steps to the top and you will be rewarded by a great view over the town and the sea.

  9. Day 9 Hike to Storhornet on Godøya, an island outside of Ålesund

    Take a guided hike to Storhornet for a stunning blend of coastal and mountain views. The trail offers a scenic journey along Alnesvatnet before reaching the summit. Enjoy a 360° panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, Ålesund, and the Sunnmøre Alps from the top. It’s one of the best hikes near Ålesund, promising a rewarding experience and breathtaking vistas.

  10. Day 10 Journey’s End

    Conclude your adventure in Ålesund. Alternatively, add a couple of more days and drive back to Oslo.