Top five activities to do in Valldal, The Adventure Valley

Are you looking for the ultimate Fjord adventure? If so, you should check out Valdall.

It is one of Norway’s most beautiful valleys, and it’s home to gorgeous scenery, stunning flowing rivers, and endless fruit along the way. Spanning a total of 30 kilometres, beautiful alpine mountains and greenery surround the valley. Did you know that due to Valldal’s mild climate, you’ll find endless strawberries, apples, and jams in the region? For example a visit to Jordbærstova can give you more insight to the local secrets for producing amazing strawberries year after year.

Visitors love the endless array of things to do, and these include hiking, climbing, sea kayaking, rafting, and canyoning. Furthermore, when you’re in Valldal, you’ll find excellent surrounding neighbourhoods – these include Åndalsnes and Romsdalseggen. Plus, Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden are only a mere ferry ride away. 


Nevertheless, here are the five best activities in the region and why you should participate in these during your adventure. 

  • Canyoning 

There are very few activities better than canyoning in the Valldal region, and you’ll enjoy spectacular nature, pristine environment, and unique crystal clear waters. 

Travellers will follow various exciting courses through the canyon, and these include tight ropes, cliff jumping, bouldering, and even swimming in the fresh lakes. A truly breathtaking experience!

  • Hiking 

If you love hiking, you’ll struggle to find a better global hiking destination than Valldal. Visitors adore the luscious green scenery, incredible historical farmland, and impressive mountainous peaks. 

There are so many hidden viewpoints all over the area, and the best way to experience the region is via slow hiking. Take your time, respect the environment, and be sure to breathe and enjoy the fresh air. 

©Vegard Lødøen
  • Rafting 

Are you an adrenaline lover? If so, you’ll love the eclectic mixture of rafting options in Valdall. Moreover, there are rafting opportunities for multiple options for beginners and experts. 

The Valldøla River is excellent for rafting because it includes various rapids, swimming opportunities, and even some local delicacies along the way. 

  • Sea Kayaking 

Experiencing Norddalsfjord via kayak is the ultimate adventure travel and one we believe most travellers should enjoy. Not only is it a sustainable way to explore the area, but it’s also the most beautiful and natural way to experience the beauty. 

Also, you’ll begin your journey in the Valldal Village before making your way across the river towards the scenery. 

Top five activities to do in Valldal, SeaKayak

  • Climbing 

If there’s one way to challenge yourself, it’s via climbing the stunning rock faces of Valldal. You will find multiple abseiling, climbing, and caving options in the UNESCO World Heritage Fjord location, and you’ll enjoy the views along the way. 

There are various guided tours with a significant emphasis on safety and sustainability. So, you won’t have to worry about any danger, just make sure you enjoy the view!

Final Thoughts 

When you’re visiting the stunning Valdall region, you’ll love the endless options and excellent travel opportunities. Make sure you take your time and be kind to nature in the most sustainable way, and you’ll never fail to have a great time on this Fjord adventure. 

And we couldn’t finish the article without mentioning the winter because there are countless winter activities, such as skiing and sledging. It doesn’t matter when you visit Valldal, you’ll always find great things to see and do! Start planning your next adventure!