Fjordkysten Norway by Ingrid

Kayak Paddling the Fjords of Norway

Can you think of a better way to experience the Fjords than via a sea kayak? 

The area’s nature is so rich, diverse, and beautiful that UNESCO designated Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord as two world heritage sites in 2005. 

We love how sustainable sea kayaks are. They allow you to experience the Fjords slow. Nonetheless, there are so many other incredible reasons why you should explore the Fjords via sea kayak. 

You’re very close to the water, and you can stop wherever you want. If you’d love to get off the beaten track – and we don’t blame you – sea kayaking is the best way. 

Numerous areas in the Fjords – such as Lofoten – can get extremely busy, but if you’re looking to escape the tourists, sea kayaks are the best opportunity. Why not take a picnic on some uncharted land while you marvel at the surrounding mountains?


Here are some of the most incredible sea kayaking locations. 


Valldal is one of Norway’s most stunning valleys. You’ll find endless flowing rivers, tasty fruit, and photogenic scenery. Moreover, Valdall is full of excellent hiking spots, rafting, and canyoning spots. 

When you visit Valldal, you’ll find great spots to leave your sea kayak. You can stop wherever and take a hike or a picnic along the river. 


Sea kayaking through beautiful Fjærland is a must-do for anyone visiting the region. There is so much to do here, including hiking the surrounding scenery and visiting the Norweigan Glacier Museum. Did you know that locals regard Fjærlandsfjord as the green ford because of its luscious green scenery and mineral lakes? 

You can also park your sea kayak wherever and enjoy the beautiful Fjordside views. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not hire one of the local bicycles and explore the area? You can find multiple bike rentals next to the Norweigan Glacier Museum. We also offer new-inspiring journeys that connects the fjords and the mountain region with Sognefjellet Scenic Road.

Kayak Paddling the Fjords of Norway Fjord by Tushar Shah
©Tushar Shah

Gudvangen and Nærøyfjord

If you love visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you’ll love visiting the Gudvangen and Nærøyfjord region of the Fjords. Nærøyfjord is one of the narrowest and most popular regions of the Sognefjord. It’s also one of the narrowest Fjords in the European continent. 

The area is only 20 kilometres long, but you’ll find exceptional views and valleys. You’ll soon realise why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site



Lofoten is fantastic for sea kayaking because you’re surrounded by the world’s oldest mountains. Furthermore, the area is full of off-the-beaten-track areas where tourists don’t go. Lofoten is home to various rare nature, including sea eagles and mooses. There’s a chance you’ll catch a glimpse of these, so make sure you bring your binoculars. Sea kayaking is also a brilliant activity to beat the crowds!

Why not park up the sea kayak and go hiking in the Lofoten mountains? They’re over 3.5 billion years old.

Kayak Paddling the Fjords of Norway Fjord by Svinøya Rorbuer
© Svinøya Rorbuer

Final Thoughts 

We believe in sustainable travel and there is no better way to engage in green travel than sea kayaking around the fjords. 

The options and opportunities are endless, and you’ll find so many hidden places. Let’s be honest, the fjords does get busy during the summer months. In fact, there is a danger of over-tourism at times. 

That’s why it’s an excellent option to get your sea kayak and explore the excellent idyllic fjord rivers.