Strawberries Photo by : Terje Rakke

What is it with Norwegian Strawberries?

“Are you ready, Linda? The car is packed and we are good to go!” My mum shouted. The annual trip to the “strawberry heaven” was here! Every summer, we made it a day out. Packed the car with lunch and drinks before heading to the strawberry fields. Here the farmers organised “self-picking” of strawberries for the locals. As I remember it, a day to sit in the field and eat the sweet, red strawberries!

It was also in the strawberry field where I had my first proper summer job. At the age of 13, it was time to start making my own money. Strawberry picking became the solution and my first job experience. Hard work, but I was actually quite good and efficient!

The first berries in the shop

When the first Norwegian berries have arrived at the shop, the summer is finally starting. A perfect day is to get some strawberries and enjoy some time by a lake or the sea. 

These berries are sweet and let’s be honest, they come at a high price! Slowly as the days and weeks shift, the berries get cheaper and cheaper. You might also have seen the berry sellers along the road, offering a healthy snack for your car ride?

Strawberries by Roman Odintsov
Photo by Roman Odintsov

Strawberries from Valldal

Valldal and Tafjord are probably the places in Norway best known for strawberries. It is part of their soul, sense of place, as the country weapon also proves! The strawberries also come with a fjord view and some amazing road trip options as the Trollstigen Ladder!

In Valldal they have been growing strawberries for over 100 years. In a good year, more than 800 tons of strawberries are picked in this region. The twenty producers play a big part in the production of jam, saft and lollies or strawberry flavoured ice cream in Norway. Valldal strawberries contribute to about half of the production!

Strawberries waffles by Polina Tankilevitch
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

As a visitor during the strawberry season, make sure you pick a hotel that serves locally sourced food. Here you will experience that the desserts are based around strawberries! Whether it is delicious Norwegian waffles served with fresh strawberries or a plate of strawberries with a fresh sorbet on top with some grated chocolate, you are up for a treat! When in season, berries are definitely an important ingredient in Norwegian desserts.

For sure, if you visit this region during the strawberry season, do not miss out on a taste or two. It is absolutely delicious. 

Strawberries Photo by : Terje Rakke
Photo by : Terje Rakke

Homemade strawberry jam

“Linda, do you want a slice of bread, with homemade strawberry jam?” My mum asked. We were back home from the strawberry fields, and the whole kitchen was smelling of fresh berries after hours of cleaning and preparing them. 

To this date, homemade strawberry jam on fresh bread is still an absolute favorite.


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